Rice Lake, Wis.—Rice Lake presents the iDimension Plus XL static dimensioning system, the standard for weighing and measurement solutions for efficiency in material processing. The iDimension Plus XL can automatically measure parcel dimensions in less than 0.2 seconds and features an adjustable scan zone to increase output without special handling requirements. 
When paired with the ELS Series elevated load cell stand, the iDimension Plus XL integrates with a conveyor to quickly and easily capture package weights. The ELS Series stands can be made of powder-coated mild steel or stainless steel to fit a variety of weighing needs and are available in 250, 500 or 1,000 pound capacities per stand. The ELS Series and the iDimension Plus XL can also be combined with 680 Synergy Series and 1280 Enterprise™ Series indicators for extensive communication and data integration. 
These products streamline operations and boost efficiency while ensuring accurate shipping charges, reducing the risk of non-compliance fees from carriers. Visit www.ricelake.com/idimensionplusxl and www.ricelake.com/ELS to learn more.
Rice Lake Weighing Systems is family-owned and has been manufacturing and distributing weight-related products since 1946. Today, Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a global leader in the weighing industry, providing innovative weighing, measuring and process control systems. 
Melissa Lambrecht
Senior Marketing Specialist


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Submitted by Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

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