Jan.2023- Ancra Systems, a leading manufacturer of ATLS solution (Automatic Truck/Trailer/Container One-shot Loading & Unloading Solutions), is excited to announce the launch of their latest innovation, the Skateloader Pallet & Slip-sheet version. This cutting-edge system allows for automatic one-shot loading of high volumes of palletized or slip-sheeted goods into standard trailers without the need for modifications.
With Ancra's ATLS solutions, the overall loading cycle can be reduced from approximately 30 minutes to just 7-8 minutes, allowing for improved dock utilization and a single dock door to handle up to four full trailers per hour. The Skateloader can be seamlessly integrated into any automated production or warehouse system, increasing efficiency by 400% compared to traditional forklift truck loading.
Not only does this system save labor and equipment costs, but it also improves worker ergonomics and reduces the risk of goods damage. Transforming warehouses with Ancra Systems' ATLS Solutions, full automation made possible.
Ancra Systems is a one-stop-shop manufacturer that provides not only standard systems, but also customized and innovative solutions for both modified and non-modified cargo spaces. With expert knowledge and long-term experience, Ancra helps leading companies around the world solve the challenges they face in automating their loading and unloading docks.
Ancra Systems is a premium ATLS solutions provider that provides the most comprehensive package for standard and customizable ATLS solutions (Automatic Truck/Trailer/Container One-shot Loading & Unloading Solutions). With over three and a half decades of experience supporting its innovative solutions. Ancra is known internationally for its devotion to quality and ingenuity, and as a result, it has become a leader within the industry. Over the last decade, Ancra Systems has successfully installed over a thousand ATLS systems in a variety of industries.
Jack Smylie (North-America Sales Manager)
Ancra Systems
Telephone Number: +1 (908) 297-2731

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